My husband returns from almost every trip to the drug store with a new Hot Wheel for our son. He combs thrift store shelves and yard sale tables as well. Our son has more cars than he could possibly ever play with. In our household efforts to declutter, my husband and I are generally on the same page (particularly where kids’ toys are concerned). However, if I dare touch an underutilized Hot Wheel in an attempt to pass it along to another child who may not have 46 of them in his closet, it is as if I have committed a mortal sin.

This Christmas, “Santa” brought our son 6 new Hot Wheels. A couple days later, I found the cardboard packaging for each of them neatly stacked on a counter. This was clearly not a toddler’s doing. On my way to toss the cardboard in the recycling, I had a hunch that I should ask my husband first. “No,” he practically shouted at me. “I’m saving those!” Oh, ok. “For what?” I asked. Loooong pause followed by a mumbled reply. “Uhh, because you can register them online.” I was very confused. “Huh?” Another pause. “Yeah, you can create a collection.” Hmm, a virtual collection of your toddler’s Hot Wheels…okay. Now he was kind of excited telling me. “Yeah, there is a code on the back of each one. You register them. Then you can create a gallery, and then you can curate it.” Whaaat? This just escalated to a whole new level.

My beloved husband who has a respectable professional job, friends, intelligence, humor, and the whole bit, is saving cardboard Hot Wheels wrappings to mine codes and register his toddler’s car online so that he can create a curated gallery of his “son’s” Hot Wheels collection? I had to do some research. It turns out, this is a real thing. After navigating to the correct Hot Wheels page, you are invited not only to collect cars but also to “earn badges”! You are of course also invited to create a Hot Wheels Wish List, which I’m hoping my husband won’t start distributing to friends and family as his birthday and Christmas list!

In any case, this made for a highly entertaining evening amidst our weekday humdrum. And all things considered, this is quite a harmless pass time for parents of young children. So, if you need a new hobby, Hot Wheels may just be it!

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