It’s almost New Years, and we are doing a lot of reflecting on our goals for the coming year. As always, we are dreaming of ditching our desk jobs and we are adding to our list of travel plans for when we are able to do so. My latest item to add to that travel dreams list is a journey back to Idaho to buy a baseball cap.

Yes, I could order it online for $20 plus shipping and tax, blah, blah. But that’s not the point. The point is to make it back to that perfect spot, that sunny afternoon, pre-kids, when my husband “J” and I enjoyed a relaxing beer tasting and a pint at Grand Teton Brewing in Victor, Idaho. It was a beautiful spot in a picturesque valley on the other side of the state line from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was a welcome change from the crowded and touristy scene in Jackson Hole (though that’s a great little town and of course the prefect jumping off point to see the Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park).

Grand Teton Brewing appeared out of nowhere on the side of the road, and the folks there were very friendly. The low-key vibe was what is sometimes missing in our LA-centered lives, and we let ourselves slow down after a long week of hiking and sightseeing. We were on a trip with extended family, but at Grand Teton Brewing it was somehow just the two of us. We sipped and gazed at the beautiful scenery, smiling at the kiddos playing corn hole with their parents on the lawn.

We wished for more (or any) places like this in LA, and imagined having kids of our own someday and taking them to a place like this. Before we left, J grabbed a hat to take with him. They are his souvenir of choice, and while I often remark that he may have an excessive amount of hats as a result, I had to admit I really liked this particular hat.

But, I’m not a hat person, or at least I wasn’t. He’s starting to warm me up to them. Some years and two kids later, he still has that hat. It’s a little worse for the wear but I still borrow it fairly often. I’ve decided that we need to get back there. To enjoy that same relaxed feeling, take in the beautiful scenery, play corn hole with our kiddos, and to buy a new hat for each of us. It’s the Navy Blue Trucker Hat, if you’re curious!

What travel experience – place and/or feeling – do you dream of replicating?

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