This post is part of the “Weekend Inspiration Wednesday” series, meant to provide some adventure-planning inspiration in the middle of a long week.  Let me know if you’d like to guest post and share an adventure of your own!

A Trail that Makes Our Top 10 List

In my book, hiking the redwoods is generally phenomenal, no matter what trail you choose. A walk among these giant, ancient beauties that remind you of the tiny place you occupy in time and space is sure to be a safe bet for an inspiring experience. But there is one trail that I cannot stop dreaming of returning to someday.  The Miners Ridge and James Irvine Loop Trail definitely ranks as one of my favorite hikes of all time.  The trail head is in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

Let’s Go!

Not only are you treated with miles of sun-dappled walking through what feels like an other-worldly land of giants, but you are also awed by a one-of-a-kind fern canyon and vast wild beaches where herds of elk roam. The trail is a somewhat challenging 11.6-mile loop (we did this one sans kids), and I would recommend planning a full day for the trail to allow plenty of time for exploring Fern Canyon, lingering on the windy beach, and watching the elk.

Here are some highlights in photos, as I think these tell the story and entice you to try out the trail better than my words could.

First come the miles of amazingly serene walking through these sun-dappled forests of giants.

Then out of nowhere you come upon a narrow canyon, at its narrowest point only 20 feet wide, with ferns covering its walls.

Fern Canyon

Next, you emerge onto an empty, wild, and windy beach.

Windswept beach.

If you are lucky like we were, you will see herds of elk roaming the shore.

Elk herd.

Prairie Creek State Park also has a campground which is very convenient, and a nice open field I remember gazing at while resting on a bench after a long and very satisfying day.

Perfect spot to rest after a long hike.

Until we meet again!

Very satisfied customers.

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