I am about a month into this blog, and I still can’t quite believe I’m actually doing it! Full disclosure up front – this post may be more for me than it is for my readers. I have to organize my thoughts about why I’m spending time on this blog when I have a baby, a toddler, a full-time job, and a husband who gives me dirty looks when I stare at my computer for too long.

Why Start Now?

I have always enjoyed writing and have considered starting a blog of some kind for years. But there was always reason to talk myself out of it. Who would want to read what I write?  How would I be able to write about all types of things? Limiting myself to one topic sounded boring. How would I find time to write? Would it feel like a chore rather than a creative outlet? Plus, I’m an introvert. How would I bare my soul to the internet?

Blogging–especially if you’re planning to write about anything personal–feels like you’re putting yourself out there in a way that doesn’t come naturally to me.

It has always felt like another time would be a better time to start. So, I found the perfect time to start – right at the moment when I find myself occupied with not only a full-time job, but also a super active toddler and a baby on the move! I’m still in that crazed-mom phase where it’s hard to find time to wash my hair, I don’t read anything longer than news or magazine articles, and it’s a really good day if I have the energy to be awake after 9:00 pm!  The chaos that is my life right now feels like the new normal. So adding one more thing didn’t seem all that outlandish.

Writing for “Me” Time

Given the current chaos of life, now seemed like the perfect time to start writing for a creative outlet. To be honest, the monotony of the day to day, our Weekday Humdrum, can feel overwhelming. Sitting at a desk all day and coming home to dirty diapers, tired and whiny kids, and relatively sleepless nights can wear on you. I’m finding a creative outlet in this blog, a way to set my mind on something new. Time to write is my “me time” right now. Some days it feels productive, some days it feels almost cathartic, some days it can feel like another task. But it always feels like a new focus, an engaging hobby, and a personal interest. I like it.

Writing for Intention

One hope for this blog is that it will serve as a tool for striving to live a life of intention. My husband J and I have big thoughts and dreams, but it feels so easy to fall into the day-to-day and wake up and realize a whole year has passed without much examination. This dynamic seems particularly insidious and yet very understandable during this hectic phase of life. I’m not sure to what degree we will succeed, but this blog is an effort to take some time each week to put some real thought into our short-term and long-term goals for living our best lives.

There is something about putting down your thoughts in writing that makes them seem more real, less fleeting.

There are so many inspiring people who are living well-examined lives, who have worked for years toward dreams of financial independence, full-time travel, or a less-traveled life path in one form or another. Writing this blog is a way to participate in and be inspired by the blogging community, comprised of countless individuals and families sharing their journeys.

Writing for Accountability

While our family’s journey is still in its infancy and our goals are still partially-formed, we know we are working toward a future of greater flexibility than we have today. That will require us to take small steps where we can toward financial independence by adopting a lifestyle of selective frugality, seeking location-independent income streams, and being willing to take calculated risks. It will require us to continue to think beyond the norm, to find joy in the day-to-day but to also move beyond the mundane. This blog will serve as an account of our efforts to show our kids adventure now, as well as our progress toward financial flexibility.

Writing for Remembering

And finally, this blog will serve as an archive of our family’s lives and our thoughts during this time. Blogging about our weekday humdrum, our weekend adventures, our crazy dreams, and our journey toward financial freedom is a way to catalog our experiences. I wonder if we, or our kids, will read through this content years from now and find a window into some formative times. Here’s to hoping!

If you’ve made it this far into this post of self-reflection, thank you for reading!



2 replies on “Why I’m Finally Writing

  1. So glad you’re writing! We need more ladies in FI land. 🙂 Your last one — writing for remembering — is SO important. Our last few years of saving were such an up-and-down journey, and I’m really glad to have a chronicle of that. Because now that we’re early retired, I could see how it would be easy to keep the rosy memories only, when the real experience was far from that. 😉

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