So I don’t want to jinx my son’s progress by writing this, but I think we are in solidly potty trained territory! This is a bit of a silly post, but I have been waiting almost three years for this and am quite excited, so I hope you’ll forgive me.

As any parent knows, what I’m most excited about is not having to change diapers anymore. To be fair, my husband is even more excited than I am since he got the bulk of diaper duty. Things were rocky at the end there with an off-the-charts tall, strong boy fighting tooth and nail to avoid getting changed. Wrestling matches with nasty substances were had, and I was lucky enough to let J handle a lot of them.

The excitement at phasing out kid #1’s diaper days is especially acute because kid #2’s diaper days are in full swing and are due to last for at least two more years (ugh).

The other reason I’m really excited about potty training success with kid #1 is because of the budget savings it brings!

I estimate that potty training will save us about $1,000 per year!

We calculated that we spent $75-$85 monthly on diapers and pull-ups. With diaper costs adding up for two kids at once, it will be nice to go back down to just buying diapers for one. Also, even though you can’t push potty training on kids, encouraging this change asap was part of our budget strategy for affording child care for both kids.

That’s probably about as much as you need to know about my kid’s potty training without me turning into one of those parents who posts pics of her kid’s poop success, etc. I’ll steer clear of that graphic territory for your sake. Thanks for reading!

Bye Bye Diapers!

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