This post is part of the “Weekend Inspiration Wednesday” series, meant to provide some adventure-planning inspiration in the middle of a long week.  Let me know if you’d like to guest post and share an adventure of your own!

I can’t believe spring is around the corner! In preparation, I’m writing about one of our favorite springtime adventures – wildflower hikes! Here in Southern California, last year was out of this world for wildflowers. A rare wet winter produced what was called a “super bloom,” and we took full advantage. We went to the epicenter of the super bloom in Anza Borrego State Park and did some amazing hiking and sightseeing.

That inspired us to plan another weekend hike closer to home, and we found the Ray Miller Trail at Point Mugu State Park on the Pacific Coast between Malibu and Oxnard. Access to the trailhead is from the La Jolla Canyon Day Use area. The parking lot is on the east side of the Pacific Coast Highway.  Assuming the electronic parking machine in the parking lot is working, you can pay the When we were there the electronic parking pay machine was broken so we left cash on our windshield in case the parking attendant/park ranger came by. What ever happened to the low-tech boxes where you could stuff cash in an envelope?

The trail is 5.4 miles round trip, or 2.7 miles one way. You climb (about 1,000 feet) from the coast up to the top of a ridge line with expansive views of the next valley over and of the Santa Monica Mountains. There are ocean views along the entire trail, and they are gorgeous!

Just when you think it can’t get any prettier, you get to this view:


The hike is rated as moderate. When we did it, one of us had a toddler in a backpack, and the other was very, very pregnant (that would be me). In that condition, the hike felt quite difficult to be honest, but it was worth it. Plus, taking it slow gave us plenty of time to stop and take in all the details of the perfect wildflowers.

This year’s wildflower bloom is not expected to match last year’s “super bloom” but a little rain hit Southern California this week and more is forecast for the week ahead, so here’s to hoping we get at least a more normal level of wildflowers this year.

However, the ocean and mountain views on this trail will not disappoint in any season, wildflowers or not!

What are some of your favorite springtime hikes or wildflower viewing spots? 


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