This post is part of the “Weekend Inspiration Wednesday” series, meant to provide some adventure-planning inspiration in the middle of a long week.

Don’t let the title fool you. This post is not as serious or as weird as it sounds…though I guess some may find it seriously weird. I’m not talking about conducting a formal yoga practice all along your hike, nor about envisioning yourself on a trail while sitting stationary on your mat. However, I have to say that during our pre-frugal days, we did actually sign up for a formal, paid “Yoga Hike” type class. We just did the one.

This post is more about our version of strange ways to document that you were in a cool spot. We started this mini-ritual pre-selfie days. (I have to say we are still not big selfie people, to be honest).

When J and I started dating, we immediately began to do a lot of outdoorsy stuff together. Lots of hikes. Pretty quickly, we got sick of just taking the same old pictures of each other doing a boring standing pose at the scenic spots along our hikes. Like, “hey, look at me, I’m here.”


So, given that we also did a lot of yoga together, we combined the two hobbies in a very cheesy way (all this free time was pre-kids, sadly). When I started this post, I couldn’t remember who did it first, but I think I found the photographic evidence of the birth of this tradition!

J decided he’d go out on a limb (or a rock) and try something stupid. You can see the hesitation on his face. We hadn’t been together all that long yet, so I bet he wondered how much of a dork I’d think he was.

Well, I decided I’d make him feel good about being comfortable in his own skin around me, and I jumped on board with my own signature pose.

Ta da, Tree Pose!


And that was it. This turned into a silly tradition to do random yoga poses in beautiful spots. We did get some strange looks sometimes. I wish we had gotten some of those on camera, come to think of it.

Here is some more of the embarrassing visual evidence for you. Maybe you’ll find a little inspiration to try your own version of yoga hiking.

So in case you haven’t noticed yet, J’s pose is not really yoga. He says it’s maybe tai chi, but he has never studied tai chi, so please correct him if he’s wrong! It was impressive though, how he managed to replicate it over and over and over and over. In searching for examples for this post, I never saw him do anything different! I, on the other hand, tried to change things up a bit. Here’s a little warrior 2 in Sequoia snow…


…and a little more on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (where we camped at one of our all-time favorite spots on the edge of the rim).

While our poses were primarily meant to be playful and silly, it also allowed for a brief moment of zen on the zenith of whatever gorgeous piece of nature were were experiencing that day. There is something about warrior 1 surrounded by 360 degrees of stunning red rock that takes your breath away and makes the world hold still for a bit.

Feeling like I conquered the world!

Another memorable one was on top of Haleakala Volcano in Maui, which is a phenomenal place to watch the sunrise.

Here are a few more for good measure. We did this several times, apparently!

So, on your next hike, have a little fun. Take yourself less seriously. Get a funny picture rather than (or in addition to) one more selfie.

This post is inspiring me to try to take this silly tradition to the next generation. There is nothing quite like toddlers to encourage silliness, and my toddler is quite good a downward dog and his version of tree pose. He hates posing with a passion though, and I won’t yet let him near any precipice without a firm grip on his wrist, so I think I’ll be hard-pressed to capture a toddler yoga summit shot. But if I do, I’ll post it here! 🙂

Anyone up for a challenge? Get outside this weekend and send us your best cheesy yoga hike shot!


5 replies on “Weekend Inspiration Wednesday: Yoga Hiking

  1. I love this! I used to do yoga with my kids, but haven’t for awhile. A hike might be the perfect time to reintroduce it. I’ll send you the evidence 😊

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