We are like many of you – a young family with steady jobs living in a great place. We have our health and have two young, healthy kids. In short, we are very fortunate and grateful for where we are today. And yet we are restless. We want to find a different path, a way to have more control of our time, to have the ability to play a more active role in raising our children, and the freedom to show them adventure and initiative. This site is about our desire to “ditch our desks” and encourage others who are interested in doing the same. Whether it’s just on weekends, part-time, temporary, intermittent, or full-time forever, we could all use a little inspiration to move beyond the mundane.

What You’ll Find on Our Site

This site documents our family’s journey and provides (hopefully!) useful or entertaining content about life with young kids, travel and outdoor adventure, and a goal of financial independence. You’ll likely find more of the missing sock/toddler meltdown/beautiful chaos version of life than the picture-perfect/Instagram-worthy/polished version. We will share our own financial planning and research about working toward financial independence, and define what that means for us.  Along the way, we hope to provide some inspiration and solidarity to others seeking adventure, travel, time outdoors, and financial freedom.

Also, if you’re curious, here’s why I’m finally writing this blog!

Welcome, and happy reading. Please follow us on WordPress or social media for updates!